Market Update - Buy Signal JCI@12.5x PE’11

Market Update – February 2011

  • JCI has dropped by 7.5% on YTD basis and 9.4%from its peak, mainly due to
    1. profit taking – strong performance,
    2. inflation fears,
    3. tension in middle east, and
    4. stretch valuation
  • At JCI 3,447, the market is trading on 13.7x PER’11 on the back of +18% EPS growth, higher compared to average historical 5 years of 12.8x

Assuming current 8.9% bond yield, we estimate 12.5x 2011F PER as a Buy signal (spread narrows close to 1%) or equal to JCI at level 3137.
We would like to recommend stocks which trades at or below 12.5x PER’11 with strong management and balance sheet.

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