Daily Economic Report

  • Asian market continued to rally in yesterday market. IDR hit Rp.8,524 per USD and JCI recorded its new all time high of 3,953.5, meanwhile the price of Brent went down to US$111.23 prbl. We think the euphoria will continue in the today market as Greece may get the second bail out of 120 billion euro. IDR has the opportunity to appreciate in the narrow range from Rp.8,515 to Rp.8,520 per USD.
  • Foreign ownership in SBI fall by 20% mom BI applied policy of 6 holding period since May. Some of the fund may shift to short term government bond (SPN) as the total foreign ownership increased by 4.3% mom. Indonesia market is still very attractive despite uncertainty in the global market.
  • European Central Bank (ECB) may face dilemma that must either to accept the rollover and keep funding Greek banks or to provide new aid plan if S&P and Fitch downgrade Greek rating after the rollover plan approved. Yet the market may already anticipate for the possibility


  1. Daily Economic Report 5 July 2011 (103.7 KiB)